About Us

We welcome you to enjoy the best quality in painting jobs for
residential and commercial structures.

Cairns Painting Contractors is a reliable family-owned and operated contractor of residential and light commercial jobs ranging from small repairs and touch-ups to new construction and complete repaints. We only use high-quality products and deliver excellent services to ensure that our clients get only the best possible results.

Before establishing Cairns Painting Contractors, we gained comprehensive experience in commercial painting projects.

As trained and certified painting contractors, we decided to establish our own business together with several trustworthy, capable and competent individuals whose knowledge and skills in commercial painting jobs are now at your service.

In our years at these jobs, we have learned that many commercial painters use shortcuts to save on costs, speed up the job, and increase their profits. These resulted in shoddy workmanship that left the clients unhappy with the jobs. The concerned commercial painters also lost the opportunity for repeat business and referrals.

These are things that we want to avoid with our clients and business.

Here at Cairns Painting Contractors, we are committed to client satisfaction from start to finish! We believe that when our clients are satisfied with our work that we will gain a lifetime customer who will also provide positive recommendations and referrals to others.

We offer our quality service to residents, businesses and organisations in Woree, Queensland and its surrounding areas. We keep our services local because we want to maintain the quality of our work instead of hiring subcontractors. We take on a hands-on approach in our work because we believe you deserve it.

We are also happy to announce that we have flexible hours of operation to accommodate our clients. We are open 365 days a year, Mondays to Sundays, even on holidays.

You can call us at 0418 998 177 to set your appointment. You can also visit us at our office or drop us an email.